Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Lady Fortune smiles down upon me and life is good

There are some readers who may have been familiar with the fact that I was considering a job in California at CalTech. Well, I made up my mind to apply, spent about a week tweaking and tailoring my CV and covering letter until it matched their requirements. Then, I tried to apply. I visited the website, and poof, like that, the job was gone. I was so mad - there were still over 2 weeks left until the deadline!

Anyway, so after looking around for other options, I stumbled across a position in Chile - working as an engineer at the telescope, 8 days at the summit, then 6 days off. I was qualified, and hell, Chile would be one heck of an adventure - not speaking Spanish an' all. So, today I filled out all the required forms, easier said than done as it's part of ESO (European Southern Observatory) and I had to provide 4 referees excluding my previous employers! In the end, I had to use my soccer coach!

Ok, so I submit the form, and then just on a spur of the moment, decide to check out the Caltech website, and lo and behold, the job reappears! So quick as a flash I fill out the online form (why is it iall inline forms now, they really suck, and are a right pain to fill in) and submit.

So everything is back on. Bring it on!