Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Gang Aft Agley! (that means goes wrong)

That was, how shall we say, an interesting weekend, full of promise and yet failing to deliver the goods, just like your date on prom night. I had good solid plans; two parties and then soccer on the Sunday. I even had to turn down other people's offers because I had already decided what was going to happen.

So, Friday and when I call Hovig to see what was happening, it was his friend's party, he announces that he's in lots of pain and had had a bad day at work and wasn't sure what he wanted to do. But his parents were away and he had beer and so I went round with the intention of persuading him to go out. However, he wasn't for moving and so we ended up playing video games until about 1am before I went home. Oh well, at least there was Dave's birthday the next day.

Things were going so well, I'd met Dave at Futureshop and for his present had helped buy Devil May Cry 2 - we then picked up some beer and rum at the SAQ and went back to his place. Things were going grand, alcohol, joint, and Playstation. We then upped sticks to Bardeco for some pizza after which we were to go to Brutopia and ultimately La Boom. The pizza was good, the two pitchers were good, and everyone was merry.

At this point I decided to go back to my apartment and change my shoes, but upon leaving Bardeco I decided to take a shortcut and instead of using the steps I decided to jump up onto the sidewalk level. Unfortunately, after I landed I straightened up and rammed my head right into some stone steps. Ow. Cursing my stupidity I continued walking towards my block. I then felt sthg in my hair - perhaps I had dislodged some stone and there were little bits stuck in my hair. Uh, no. Upon pulling my hand away I realised I was bleeding.

Now the thing about scalp wounds is that even a little cut bleeds like a bastard - lots of blood vessels or something. So, by the time I got to my apartment, literally two minutes away, I had blood running down my face. Not a good sign. After cleaning it up I saw the extent of the damage - a gash about two inches long. I stopped the bleeding with some pressure and then Dave et al came to check what was taking me so long. I explained (and showed) the problem and I said it was unlikely I would be joining them.

In the end, I just kept pressure on it and watched the Alouettes game. If it hadn't stopped bleeding I would have gone to the ER but the prospect of waiting around didn't thrill me and I have great confidence in my body's ability to heal itself.

The next day, just to be on the safe side, I phoned the Info-Sante line and spoke to a nurse, who said that it was too late for stitches, the most important thing was if it was infected or if it was still open. I said I'd washed it immediately and all I could see was dried blood. She said this was fine but I should maybe think about a tetanus booster if the steps were dirty.

Of course, one of the problems with having a two inch long cut on your head is that sports is not really an option, which kinda sucked. So not only did I miss yesterdfay's game, but also today's and this is just when my form is getting back to its best. I've never missed so many games to injury before - I must be getting old!