Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal


For those uninitiated in anime, the title above is (for some reason) pronounced Furi Kuri. It's a series that I just recently picked up from Kazaa and is actually playing at Fantasia this month. It is, without a doubt, the most messed up, confusing, ludicrous animation out there. You really have to like anime to understand its sense of humour I think.

I could start with the plot, but I don't think it would do it justice. But to surmise, the main character is Naota, a young high school kid who at the start is having a weird sort of relationship with his older brother's girlfriend (the bro is in the US playing baseball). Then out of nowhere this girl arrives on a moped and runs over Naota. From this point on, Naota starts growing horns from his head. Every once in a while these horns mature and erupt into robots. BIG robots. (The explanation is that they travel through space by using the gap between the left and right hand side of people's brains). The moped girl then fights these robots by using a guitar. All the while, there is some sort of govt agency trying to destroy the first robot, who has become Naota's pet.

The action is totally tongue-in-cheek, there are often references to the animators (they never explain what Furi Kuri is and there's a scene where the govt dude tells Naota that he must know as he's the main character) - there are real time explanations as to why things happen. They also do a lot of cartoon-y effects - they don't try to be realistic.

This results in frenzied action going on, half of which you don't understand but it somehow all seems to make sense in the end, as long as you don't need everything to be explained. Like why did the moped girl create a mechanised version of Naota's Dad? It's so crazy and consequently so much fun. But like I say, you have to be into it.

Paul says Two Thumbs Up!