Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Where does all the time go?

Friday again, and it looks like I'm all booked up for the second weekend in a row. Tonight there's gonna be another meal with folk from the dpet, this time it's going to be a gneuine North African couscous - cooked by the sister of Kamel, the Algerian who works with us. Then I'm supposed to go out afterwards with people who used to live in our apartment block and who I've not seen for 3-6 months depending on whether I saw them over summer on my Trans-Canada Train journey or if we met up. I tried to sound as non-committal on the phone as possible as I was unsure if I'd want to do anything afterwards or if I'd rather spend the time with Mel, but I agreed to phone them to check what was going on.

So, assuming that all works out, i have to work out if I'm going to have to get up early so that I can watch the Arsenal-Man United match on TV round at Dave's house (sthg I should really check with them first). It's either at 10am or 2pm and I don't want to have to get up early for nothing!!! Then in the evening I get to dog-sit Daisy (and the PS2) for the night - so if anyone fancies a little gaming action, call me.

Somewhere in this I have to do some Xmas shopping as we're fast approaching the big day, so this will probably be Sunday. Also I'm looking for a table. Before I go and splash out on a new one, does anyone have one that they're thinking of getting rid of? Or a desk. Just sthg with 4 legs and a horizontal surface that you can sit at. It's not much to ask is it?