Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal


Well there it goes, my nice easy life is about to come crashing to a halt. I've pretty much coasted my way through life so far - not had any hard decisions to make, everything has been within reach, obtainable and by and large satisfactory. Of course, there have been ups and downs on the way, but that's what living is all about.

Now though I have to seriously think about things. Tomorrow is my last day of work here in Montreal, and after taking a few months off I need to get myself another job. The question is which job? I had originally hoped to go to Oxford and work in the labs they have there for more space systems design - similar to what I do here. But then they said they'd just finished a round of hiring and prospects were a little bleak.

I then became aware of a job going in a company in Edinburgh, which offers a new type of job (IC design), perfectly suited to my skills, room for growth and a good working environment. At least 4 friends from university work there AND I was accepted to do my Masters there. But it means going back to Edinburgh.

Just today I read that CALTECH (yes, in California) is looking for a detector engineer, something I almost am here, and am thus a very good candidate. This offers work in California and still in the field of astronomy, whilst taking my knowledge and skills to a deeper level than presently. I also know one guy who works there who can put in a good word and I met, in Hawaii, their head honcho who is pretty cool.

So now I have to work out which I would prefer to do - I fancy a change, but one seems to offer a career path change whereas the other offers a new cultural experience. Both are well paid and careeer prospects look good. What to do, what to do, what to do?