Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Plane talking

Before I came to Scotland I was ready to bitch about the fact that I never sit next to any interesting or attractive people on planes. This changed on my flight over here when a pretty hot girl sat next to me. Result! And she was talkative. And she had the coolest job ever, kind of. Upon exchanging the usual pleasantries, it turned out she was going to London for work, but only for 3 days. She was a web designer - not a programmer, a designer. However, she said she couldn't tell me who she worked for or why she was going to the UK.

We talked more, and it emerged she had only just been in Chicago for work and had only been told the day before that she was needed in London. Pretty crucial job, I thought, if they're willing to fly you all over the world and it's so hush hush you can't tell anyone about it.

Then after they turned the lights back on to serve breakfast, either because she liked me and we had built up a warm and trusting relationship or because she was still a little sleepy and a bit disgruntled with her company for making her spend so long on planes (you decide) she told me what her job was.

It turns out she works for a particular online casino and this casino had developed a rather novel way of advertising its services. You are probably already aware of it. They have taken to body-painting their name onto people's backs at sporting events; boxers, for example. Of course, this is not nearly so effective at football matches or golf tournaments. So, instead, they use streakers.

As the words are painted onto their backs, the streakers cannot do it themselves, and due to the varying quality and effectiveness of letting the athletes/artists find someone, the company believed it was worth pinballing an employeee around the world to do a good job. It wasn't her official position at the company, I hasten to add, but someone's got to do it. Right?