Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Just cos you've never been is not a valid reason to go

Back in Scotland suffering from jetlag but as of yet, no boredom. Went out for a meal fore my Dad's birthday at a restaurant down the road (which also happens to be the only restaurant in Glasgow with two Michelin Stars). A little too formal for my tastes - the food was good, very good, but teeny tiny portions.

Last night I met up with a buddy from university, Alex, who happens to have moved just down the road so we went out in the nearby area which serves as catchment for all the Glasgow University students. So after taking in a few different pubs (4 in all) we decided to go to Cleopatra's - a club nearby. Probably the only club nearby. It had a bit of a reputation for being full of cougars, and after the seven pound entry (over 15 bucks!) was paid, this was confirmed.

Honestly, I don't think there were more than 2 or 3 attractive girls in the place. Which left one option: drink. So we did and we bumped into two teachers one of whom seemed interested in Alex and the other who was engaged. So we danced a little to bad 80s music, Alex seemed to be doing quite well for himself - I was a little bored. Until that is, the engaged one told me that her friend was actually married and her husband was going to pick them up at 2!

They left soon after and then Alex and I had another drink before splitting. By the time we got outside, we had only just enough cash to scrape together for a kebab, which is pretty shocking considering I took out 50 quid at the start of the night. This country is so expensive.

On the way back home was also took a little detour through the botanic gardens which were of course locked, so we just jumped the wall and fences. It was pretty cool, despite it being 3am there was still easily enough light to see where you were going. Ah, the joys of living up North.