Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Worst Ad ever?

Have you seen the advert for Degree deodorant? Y'know, the one that has been "redesigned for men." (Was it not always for men anyway?) It makes no sense at all - as a concept it's pretty lame (and done by Sure before): in the future, a fugitive is tryting to escape some gestapo-style police unit who shoot frist and ask questions later. he somehow finds himself in a room full of mannequins and the cops try and use their heat-seeking technology but thanks to the Degree deodorant they can't find him. At least I think that's what it's about.

The worst thing is the directing and editing of this scene, which is relatively straightforward when I described it above. It starts off with the hero running into the room and hiding amongst the mannequins. Fair enough. Then the cops arrive, and snap out some fancy looking guns. One of them aims at a heat source he sees on his scope, fires, but it isn't the hero, it's just a mannequin! So why did it appear as a heat source? Then someone else enters the room. Who? It looks like the hero, but he's already in the room??? Maybe an accomplice? But we never see this person again! This, handily, makes the cops turn and distracts them. So our hero makes a break for it. Then we get a shot of some other door with lasers in front of it? Where is this? Is he running to it or away from it? Is it even a door? Then cut to a long shot of our hero being chased by the cops down the room, who, now decide not to shoot him when he's about 10 metres away and running in a straight line.

I was originally convinced it must be a short version of a longer, more complete advert, but after seeing it several times (the joys of playoff hockey) I think it may be the full thing! Ok, yes, it has succeeded in making me aware of the brand, but does it make me want to buy it? No way - it strikes me as cheap and poorly produced, qualities which I am now transposing onto their product. I don't think you'll see it in my shopping cart unless it happens to be on (very) special offer.