Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Taking water balloons to a whole other level

Everyone has had fun with water balloons - just as everyone has probably been the victim of a water balloon attack. And y'know, sometimes it's not a bad thing in summer when it's swelteringly hot and after the initial shock and indignation it's actually quite a pleasant experience. The number of sweltering hot days in Scotland is, however, severly limited and so you risk catching pneumonia from an attack which raises the stakes somewhat!

Thus it was with great interest that our room-mate brought back a sling from the US of A designed to fire balloons looooong distances. Johnny was telling me about how it would clear houses and go for miles and miles. Yeah, right, whatever. And then we tried it. I saw we because it takes three people to operate it. Yes, three. Two people stand still, brace themselves and hold onto the two ends of the elastic cord. The third, places the balloon in the holder and pulls back, and back, and back, and down. At the same time the two 'bracers', push forwards. Assuming a clean release, the water balloon will soar majestically into the sky and disappear from view. Indeed I never ever saw one land, I just heard it. This was probably also because we were in our back garden at the time and firing over houses, but honestly this thing was incredible! Of course due to the Scottish climate it was rarely used, it came out of the cupboard most often at about 3 in the morning when we got back from a night out, but the launching was rarely a well-drilled operation at that point, and so there were several misfires.