Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Space Invaders

After a week alone in my 4 1/2 apartment, Phil came back from his visit home. I'd just gotten around to adjusting to Phil not being there - to be honest towards the end of his semester I hardly saw him, he would sleep all day and study all night - but there was plenty of evidence of his existence. But with him gone, I knew things would be where I left them, and that dishes would not miraculously appear in the sink, and to be fair miraculously disappear and reappear clean in the cupboards. So now he's back and it's disturbed the balance I had established in the apartment - but, whatever, it was getting a little dull. One good thing is that I hung out with our neighbours across the hall, which was cool. It's not quite like Friends yet, but y'know, I don't think anywhere ever could be.

Wanted: Actors for TV ads

I think Canada must be desperately short of people willing to make a fool of themselves on TV - no, wait hang on Canadian Idol had people lining the streets. So why is it then that one guy can appear in commercials for three different things? He's the guy with the dumb looking face, short curly orange hair - kind of beak-ish nose. He started out in adverts for Campbell's Chunky Soup - the one with the defrosted caveman. Then he was the guy on the train (Toronto subway??) who shouts out "Let's Get Naked" whilst reminiscing about eating Tostito's the Friday beforehand. And now (God knows how I noticed this) he's the giant toothbursh in the Listerine advert who is handing out leaflets in a shopping mall. Is there really no-one else available? Is he working for free? Who's he sleeping with? Who's his agent sleeping with!?

Lessons in Diplomacy

How do you tell a girl who you met an hour earlier, gone back to her place with a bunch of folk to continue drinking, that you'd like to hang out without giving the impression that you're interested in going out with her when your only connection to her are friends who have just left town for the summer? I left my number, but I don't know if that worked.