Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Small Things

Fashion Savvy or Fashion Victim?
I bought a long-sleeved T-shirt last summer, from the Levi's Silvertab range or sthg. It's pretty cool, kind of maroon-y. I had never seen anyone else wear it until yesterday; whilst standing at UdeM metro station I saw someone walk down the stairs on the other side of the tracks wearing it. *shrug* no biggie. Then 30 seconds later I look up again and see another person wearing the same shirt on the other platform! Now that's just plain freaky! And before you ask, no, I wasn't wearing mine.

The Energizer battery band
Was talking to maciej's fiancee last night and she asked me if I'd ever heard of a band called Arab Strap. I was pretty taken aback as yes, I had heard of them; they're a small, pretty much unknown, Scottish band who I had the dubious pleasure of seeing live at the Cathouse in Glasgow when I was still in school. So that must have been 96 at the latest. The reason Lynne asked was that she saw them last night, at the Cabaret here in Montreal! I couldn't believe they were still going! Apparently the singer recounted a story at the gig where he was in a record shop on St Laurent and someone was buying their CD. The cashier told them the CD was pretty good but they sucked live! Which I have to say is pretty accurate though I don't think the sentiment was appreciated by the band!

The Big Apple
I got a weird e-mail from my parents yesterday. Ever feel how you're sometimes completely out the loop on things that go on back home? Well, the reason they wrote me was to give me the address of where they'd be staying this weekend in Manhatten! When did this happen? And they then continue the e-mail by telling me how they went away up North the previous weekend as well! I'm surprised they're not popping in to say hello - they normally do when they're within 1000 miles!

For Scottish Eyes Only
Only cos they'll be the only ones who understand what I'm talking about, but I will be gutted if Falkirk get promoted this season. Which is grossly unfair I have to admit. OK, they've won the first division but the fact is that the rules of the Premier League state they need to meet a certain stadium criteria, which they clearly don't (as far as I know). And these criteria are a little arbitrary - what's the point of needing a 10,000 seat minimum when maximum crowd attendance is 8,000? Normally I would be 100% on their side, complaining that the bigger clubs are just acting out of self-interest except that my team, Partick, got promoted last year and had to spend all their money on their stadium - vastly reducing their operating budget for the season. I guess I'm more indignant about one rule for one club and one for another and so I have no sympathy for the Bairns. Well, a little, but I guess it just sucks to be you. All these problems would become pretty much redundant if they decided to expand the SPL to 16 teams or 18 - one of those better for Scottish football, but worse for the big clubs cos they have less money 'dilemmas.'