Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Mud wrestling, but nary a semi-clad female in sight

In terms of bad ideas, yesterday was pretty high up there on the stupid side of the list. We had a soccer practice after work, and I, being pretty frustrated after my injury, went along hoping for a run around and to see how my ankle was holding up. Except that the pitch we chose to use was used for a tournament during the afternoon. Now, you may not have noticed how much it has pissed it down in Montreal over the last few weeks, but the ground was pretty much saturated, and then to have numerous games played on it pretty much ruined the fields for the entire summer!

Not that this detered us. For some unknown reason, we decided to scrimmage on one of the pitches - a 5 on 5. I kid you not when I tell you that there was a swamp at one end. There was surface water everywhere - the centre was ridiculous - your foot would be covered by the mud when you put it down. We played for an hour or so during which time I fell once, and was completely caked in mud from head to toe by the end. It was actually quite good fun: although 5 times we were denied a goal by having the mud stop the ball on the line.

Of course, there was then no point changing into clean clothes as there was no way of putting them on and keeping them clean. And so the bus driver was distinctly non-plussed when we got on - still wearing our cleats and all!

The hot shower when I got back was fantastic, I could have gotten in fully dressed cos I took my socks and shorts in anyway to clean them. I felt like a walking Tide commercial.