Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

It's all Pippo's fault!

So me and Phil are sitting in the Mad Hatters - "the best dive in town" according to their own promotion, and it's not wrong - to watch the European Cup Final with freshly ordered pints of Boreale Rousse in front of us. After about 4 minutes Pippo Inzaghi gets caught offside and I tell Phil that he's always caught offside, we should drink a finger every time he is. Sure, says Phil, but what do we do if he's off side and Milan score and it's disallowed? Well, we'll have to down the drink.

Guess what happens two minutes later! I kid you not - Shevchenko scores but Inzaghi was offside so they disallow it (it should have stood, but that's beside the point). Phil and I just sit there with a look of utter disbelief on our faces, look at each other, then at our drinks. Oh God.

It wasn't quite a matter of easing ourselves into an afternoon of a few beers whilst watching the footy, more like bellyflopping into a pool of debauchery. Couple this with the fact that they had a special offer of 7oz of Maudite (9%) for 1.25 and things were a little hazy.

What was worse was afterwards, we went and played soccer up at the reservoir, and sport after alcohol in humid muggy weather makes you feel like death warmed up. Still, I felt better after a shower and some food. Well enough in fact to go out again in the evening to Ste Elisabeth where I met Patricia's cute, new room-mate Alice, who just happens to be from Glasgow. And went to Edinburgh University. It was so cool to hear the accent again, and be able to discuss things like Neighbours, and how the Park Bar has become all flashy and neon-y since I left!

One other thing that happened, as I was highly dehydrated I asked the barman for a glass of water and he said they only sold bottles for 2 dollars. Is it legal to not provide potable water for free?