Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Friday Fun! I was so excited I almost forgot!

You've been captured by the enemy and are inside a square room and you're trying to escape. Luckily the guard's on his break (not the brightest enemy in the world, but he still managed to catch you!) so now's your chance. The 10 ft high walls are perfectly smooth, highly resitive steel, one foot thick and there is no door. The floor is concrete, below which lies another layer of steel. The only window in the room is 6 foot above ground level and protected by thick iron bars firmly welded into place. They are not far enough apart for you to squeeze through and are not pliable. Even if you did get through, there is an electrified grating in place behind it which would deliver a potentially and probably fatal electric shock. On the ceiling, there is a trapdoor (through which you were thrown when caught) which is firmly padlocked into place from the outside. The fit is so tight there are no crevices or hinges from which to gain leverage. Looking around the room all you see is a metal chair bolted into place, and a metal bucket for you to answer nature's call. Luckily when they searched you they didn't find your hidden survival kit which contains toothpick, tweezers and a condom (cos everyone knows spies always pull). So how do you escape?