Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Rock---Me---Hard Place

I am facing a dilemma; how can I go out with someone if I'm going to be leaving at the end of summer? I am certainly not desperate to continue a relationship when I'm overseas - I've done that twice, and neither time did it end well. If I take the point of view that I should just have some fun, then I feel bad because I'm not fully committing myself to the relationship. Also, it would be impossible to keep the relationship healthy because I know I would withdraw in order to protect myself for when the parting and inevitable break-up came.

I brought this up with C last night, asking her if she really knew I was leaving (in 4/5 months) and whether it worried her. She said it did, she too had also had a failed trans-atlantic relationship, and she wasn't keen to repeat the same mistake. She also said that she didn't want sthg casual just for summer and then when I leave, poof, that's it.

This of course leads to the obvious conclusion that we should split up. Which sucks, because first of all neither of us wants to, and secondly, it means that we miss out on a lot of good times. Indeed the odds of being able to predict a long and happy relationship after just two weeks is a little insane - we not even make it past June, so why the pre-emptive action?