Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

It's All About the Mojo pt II

So Saturday rolls round and after having breakfast/lunch I get back to my flat and the hangover is starting to kick in. Quite what posessed me to choose Kokanee beer at the dep is beyond me. Anyhoo, decide to hit the sack to shift the sore head and then I get a phone call from Brian. I had previously begged and pleaded for him to talk his girlfriend into giving me a Habs ticket and it had worked! But he was calling to say that we (the group of people going to the game: the staff of the McGill Tribune) had also booked a table at the Peel Pub and we had free meal vouchers!

Too good to be true, two quintessential Montreal activities that I had yet to try were going to be done in the same night. We turn up at the PP which is absolutely packed with Senators fans, one of the members of our party was wearing a Habs shirt and was roudly booed!!! I guess the PP is OK, it had a good atmosphere, it's pretty cheap but when you know that they recycle their beer and don't rinse their lines it takes away from its appeal a little. Also the fact that it's always full of out-of-towners.

So from there we went to the Bell Centre where despite being in pretty high seats, I thought the view was pretty good, I lost the puck every so often but that was generally cos I hadn't been following the play. The Habs lost. But they were always going to. Still I did my best to encourage them, but I still find North American sporting crowds awfully sterile.

From there, I went to Fats where an old friend was having a birthday party - he'd hired out the private room in the back. I went there wondering if I'd alreayd missed everyone, but it turned out that i wa sthe 5th person there! So played some pool, hung out, met a few new folk.

Aftwerwards we went to the Bull and had a few more drinks - I was pretty tired by now and had a pretty strong craving for poutine. So a bunch of us left and went to Moe's, the 24hr diner. I had a big argument with a girl I'd just met about where Moe's actually was - in the end she was talking about the Moe's next to the Bell Centre not the Forum. Had some fantastic food - ultra quick service too. The chefs were eavesdropping on our order and so it arrived within a minute! Then as we were leaving the Mojo-Karma thing totally bit me on the ass.

After having been sober for very little of the previous 36hrs, my tongue was a little loose and my brain was tired and I forgot that I was in Canada. I thus came out with sthg meant as a joke but that totally bombed and really pissed off one of my friends - i said she didn't strike me as an A plus student. She took this to mean 'I think you're a dumb blonde', whereas I meant it more on the lines of only ubergeeks and no-lifers get those sort of marks. Now this is true in the UK where first class degrees are pretty rare, and a 1st class degree needs 70% but here the scaling is so different and it's quite possible to get A+ marks.

It took me about 10-15 minutes of apologising, cajoling and explaining to get her to listen to me and accept my apology but it totally ruined my weekend. I still can't believe I was such a dumbass - so after flying high on Friday through Saturday, I spent Sunday in a bit of a funk, being pissed off with myself which kind of made the weekend just OK rather than the spectacular success it had been previously.