Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

In the Summertime, when the weather is hot...

Finally! There is no snow to be seen, the sun was out, I opened my window Saturday morning and warm air came flooding in! This only means one thing: shorts! Closely followed by: frisbee! Perfect weather in order to recover from getting completely trashed at Maciej's. Also perfect weather for drinking large and strong gin and tonics, a taste to which I have only just acclimatised. ;)

Went downtown on a Saturday for the first time in ages, and reminded myself of why I don't do it so often. Ste Catherine was so crowded. Still, it was nice to walk around in the sun. Also quite enjoyed strolling through the uber-fashionable Ailes de la Mode wearing long shorts, sneakers, a hawaiian shirt and a cap; basically your average surf bum. Not quite their target clientele!

I met up with C when she finished work and we went to get a drink at this really cool place on St Mathieu and de Maisonneuve called Cocktail Hawaii, which as the name suggests specialises in various fruit cocktails. I had the bamboo: a mix of orange, pineapple, mango and kiwi and C had the Exotique. The Exotique is a little strange; chunks of mango, then sweetened pureed avocado, chunks of avocado, then on top of that a strawberry puree with strawberries and almonds. C turned down the... err... 'topping' which instead of the usual whipped cream was a Mediterranean soft cheese thing served with honey.

Of course, the problems with all of this being made fresh from real fruit in front of your eyes is usually the cost. The two drinks should have cost us about 10 bucks altogether. But first after our dirnks were served, we waited round the till, wallet in hand, for someone to ring up the price. Nothing. 'Perhaps we pay after,' we thought. So we finished our drinks and laughed about how easy it would be to walk out. I decided that since it was a local small business and all, I'd pay and so took our empties and our tray to the till. The girl behind the counter, stopped yakking with her co-worker for a few seconds and took the tray. Then turned away again. After hanging around for a few more seconds, C and I just walked out! Isn't it great how things taste much better when they're 'free!'