Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Good, Bad but definitely not Ugly

I'm still in that finding-out-about-the-other-person stage with C. I went round to her place the other day, and there's not really a clearer insight into someone's psyche than how they live. Quite how I've managed to keep relationships going with my apartment is a bit of a mystery,however!!! So it turns out that she likes a lot of the same stuff as me, most notably that she's really into anime! I think the big Akira poster on her wall was a give away! She also has Chinese worry balls, like I do, and she even has exactly the same stereo I used to have back in Scotland and it has exactly the same error. This was getting a little TOO similar for a bit! But on the whole this is cool, since we like the same things, we're just about sure to get on well together.

Only, I've never been out with someone who likes the same stuff as me, and I tend to believe in the adage that opposites attract, so is it a good or a bad thing that we have so much in common? Will this lead to a boring relationship - but then again since we'd both be doing stuff we liked, it'd be fun. However, I always liked being challenged by my partner as she would take me places and talk about things I had never experienced before. Then again, in the end our differences were usually pretty much irreconcilible.Of course, C and I are never really gonna be too similar, given that's she's Quebecoise an' all, but I was just wondering what the best balance in a relationship is? 2 parts the same to 1 part different. The inverse? Is it more complicated than this?