Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Getting Old

Another milestone is reached in the slow and steady descent towards wearing tea cosies and waiting in line at the Post Office, or old age as it is more commonly known. I think it's official now, but I have started 'dating.' 'Dating' was always something grown-ups did, the sort of thing you used to see on "Thirty-Something" or "Seinfeld" where the minute aspects of the goodnight kiss would be disected. For the young it's all fly-by-wire, it either happens or it doesn't. I mean, if you meet someone at a party you basically got together with them or forgot about them. And then it either worked or it didn't; there was never really a decision period. Perhaps you laid the groundworks for sthg the next time you saw them, but you never asked for their number. And if you did, it was never to go out on a 'date.'

I think it is also more prevalent over here than back in the UK - several times I would be talking to someone then they'd leave and my friends would ask me if I got their number. I was always slightly confused, "Should I have done?" Apparently the answer was yes. *shrug* Whatever.

Unfortunately, because I've only just started, I'm not quite sure how everything works - all that crap about when to phone and stuff. All of a sudden there are 'rules' apparently. Another thing that kind of sucks is that despite having reached the dating age, you've not always reached the dating finances yet. Something I noticed about dating is that it is no longer acceptable to just hang out, at the beginning at least. This means that you need to have sthg interesting or exciting to do, in other words, you need a reason to see them again. And this costs money. Especially if they have expensive tastes and you're trying to impress.

Still, I'd rather date than nothing at all! Bring It On!