Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal


I was supposed to go out with C and a couple of her friends on Saturday night. Unfortunately, I'd been out the night before and was suffering slightly for it, but when she came round she persuaded me to get my ass out of the apartment. Phil came along as well, and when we left the apartment all we knew is that we needed to be able to pass a dress-code. So, the plan was to meet everyone at a Second Cup at 11 and then go on from there. So we arrive a little after 11 and find ourselves the first there. We finally leave there at midnight having had at least 20 people come in meet us and then go somewhere different. In the end we all decided to go out on Crescent.

I don't like Crescent. I don't like the "bling bling" gino atmosphere that pervades there. We were in the line-up for the Vatican and neither me nor Phil were in the mood to go, and I knew for a fact that C didn't like the V either. After much humming and hawing, me, Phil and C decided to ditch the rest of the gang (of whom I knew 2) and head off to Foufounes Electriques. On the way there we lost Phil who went to meet up with someone else so it ended up being just me and C.

For those that don't know, Foufes is the complete polar opposite to the Vatican: a punk/grunge bar complete with chepa drink and mosh pit! Of course C and I stood out a country mile as we were dressed for teh Vatican but see, the thing about Foufes is that no-one really cares what you're wearing, so it doesn't really matter. Anyway, after consuming a few cheap drinks to get the juices flowing, we had a great time. I have to say I've never really moshed before but 'Smells like Teen Spirit' was too good to resist. It was cool, felt like i'd played an entire game of soccer in 4 minutes due to all the shoulder charges but it was fun, though not to be repeated too often. Of course, there were a gelluva lot of tunes that I'd never heard of or liked, death metal really isn't my scene, but they mixed it up with some classics and some hip-hop.

I had such a good time - maybe it was just because it was just me and C who were out and I didn't care what anyone else thought. She's so cool - after all how many other girls would fell that a satisfactory Sunday afternoon would be playing Devil May Cry on the PS2 (and kicking my ass at it!). Oh, I should maybe add that we're just gonna see what happens between us and not think too much about the future. Yet.