Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Cabin Fever

That was a very looong weekend. On Wednesday night I was playing soccer, and for some reason wasn't really paying attention. I was playing in defence and hadn't touched the ball for a few minutes when the ball was passed to a guy on my side. i went across to cover him but got my postioning wrong and as he took the ball down the line, I turned to follow but as I did so my foot got caught on the field turf and so I sprained my ankle pretty badly. Thankfully I got a ride home and put some ice on it before I went to sleep.

The next day however, was impossible, I couldn't walk when I woke up. At first I went around on all-fours, and then had to use a step-ladder as a walker! Then I made my mistake; acting on the advice of one of the guys at the Soccerplex, I used heat treatment to loosen the joint and allow me to walk. Whilst this felt great and did indeed permit me to hobble around a little more, the influx of blood to the ankle puffed it up sthg rotten and tunred it an angry shade or red and purple! After another 2 days of solid 30 mins on-off icing, I was able to walk again. Which was a big relief cos due to living on the top floor of an apartment block without an elevator, I had been stuck indoors the whole time. And I was getting pretty bored I can tell you. God knows what summer's gonna be like. But hey, it'll be sunny and I'll be outside most of the time I reckon.

So today, back to work, back to the grindstone. Yet it doesn't seem half as bad......