Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

St Patrick's Sunday

I went to the SPD parade on Sunday - what? Just cos I hate the fact it's sponsored by Guniess doesn't mean I'm going to turn down a party! - which was a bit of a novelty. To be honest the parade itself kind of sucks, the cool part is walking down the street and seeing everyone with a dirnk in the their hand, everyone happy and talking to each other. It was a really good atmosphere, it was sunny, warm and we'd started drinking before noon. By the time the parade was over and we were standing with the other hundreds outside Hurley's, it would be fair to say we were slightly inebriated. It didn't last too much longer, I think everyone had either passed out or gone home by 7pm.

But it was fun. Gave me the first taste of summer - hanging out in the streets, with a crowd of people, in the sun and everyone's happy. This summer I must try to maximise all the festivals as I saw only a fraction of what was going on last year. Still, it looks likre spring is finally here - though a word of caution: -10 tonight!