Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

The Old Man is Snoring

Mmm... rain. Cool, clean, refeshing, constant droplets of water from the sky. Makes me feel like I'm back home. However, it's exceedingly obvious that this city is not set-up to cope with rainfall. The streets are rivers, there are puddles everywhere and nary a drain in sight! In Glasgow there is a drain every 10m or so, and still there are flash floods! (Usually in autumn when the leaves clog up the drains). Still, at least it shows spring is coming. All we need now is to get rid of the horrid, dead, rotting brown colour that's everywhere.

Also, here the people themelves are not used to the rain. It's not really true in the UK that you always take your umbrella with you whenever you go out - an umbrella, whilst the height of practicality, is also the height of uncool. Thus you will see people walking along the street pretending the rain isn't there, they will be drenched to the skin, the water is dripping off their nose and they won't rush home or shelter under an awning - especially when it's just a drizzle. It becomes such a background event that you just fail to notice it after a bit.