Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Life Imitating Art Imitating Life? - Now updated!!!

I was at Snowdon metro at around 9am Friday morning when I saw in front of me a girl running for the train. Nothing weird there except that she was dressed like a girl from a Japanese anime film: she was quite tall, with knee high pale boots (looking awfully like socks from a distance), the shortest blue pleated skirt that barely covered her ass, a pale jacket and to top it all off, a blue beret. Very Sailor Moon-y. I have no idea if she was Asian or not but it was so strange to see. The Japanese schoolgirl look in animes is almost always the same and I thought would have been impossible to achieve; they always have legs up to their armpits and with cleavage ludicrously out of proportion to the rest of their physqiue. And yet, there she was (though I'm not sure about the cleavage bit). The question is, was she trying to look like an anime girl, or are anime girls designed to look like her?

Update: I saw her again this morning... this time with a longer skirt and no beret - didn't look like an anime girl at all. Also can confirm she's not Asian.