Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

It's all about the Mojo

I don't know if I can fit into one post all that happened this weekend, so I'll provide an abridged version. It all started Friday night when Maciej's room-mate had a party. He lives just down the road near the Forum, and so I sauntered along there around 10 ish. Previous to this I had done a pretty hard work-out and the subsequent dehydration meant that my first beer made me feel distinctly zoned. Anyway, I arrived at the party and met a bunch of folks standing on the steps: party-goers who had stepped outside to smoke and had gathered a small posse of recent arrivals.

Whilst standing there shooting the breeze, it was a real nice night, another few folk turned up including the lovely C, whom I had met oh-so-briefly last May. So the night, and the party, progressed, beers were drunk, shots were taken, lame party games were played. Also, much conversation with C was made. In the end, she left quite early but before she did, I got her number. :)

Almost as soon as she left, I was accosted by two Thom Yorke fans: Lynne and L. For those that don't know, I bear more than a passing resemblance to him (the lead singer of Radiohead) but, as one of my friends put it, "not quite as ugly." Lynne and L were old room-mates and they were pretty drunk by then and continued to drink. By the time the party was winding up I had bite-marks on my leg and a major scratch that had drawn blood on my side from L after some slightly over-zealous tickling on her part.

I hit the road at around 4 and ended up leaving with L who had just had a flaming argument with someone about whether it was in the Jewish religion to be good in bed or not. As we reached the corner I turned left to walk to my flat and she turned right. Upon asking where she was going, she said St Laurent, at which point I told her that walking west probably wouldn't be the best idea. In the end she stayed at my place and passed out on the sofa. In the morning, we went to breakfast and when I showed her my wounds from the previous night, she said she had no recollection of inflicting. She's pretty cool, a really smart kid but with that rustic charm and I think we're going to meet up tomorrow night for a few drinks.

As for C, well, I called her last night only to be told that I had the wrong number. Hmmpf. That was a bit of a blow. However, upon closer inspection of the paper, one of the digits had been converted from a 1 to a 0 by a loop to the next number and just out of chance rather than hope, I tried it, and bingo. So now I'm going to the movies tonight with her. My mojo was obviously working overtime on Friday.

So that's about half the story from the weekend, the rest will follow, but y'see the thing about mojo is that it's like karma: it always evens the good out with the bad.