Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Great Expectations?

I went to see a really strange film on Sunday: Expecting. It was a Canadian film, obvious from the start as it had Colin Mochrie in it. Hmmm... why would he be in a movie, he's not reknowned as an actor. The reason? The movie was done without scripts; it was improvised. Exactly how this was done is unclear. There wer no scripts used in the film, each actor was given an extensive description of their character and basically had to work it out as they went along. I reckon they must have run the scenes through once where everyone just brings their own ideas and then they have to set about filming it. There aren't any glaring errors or mistakes so it's obviously been extensively edited. There is a general plot: one of the characters is about to give birth and she does so at home surrounded by friends and relatives. The viewer's interest is to be generated by the interaction of the various characters, who, as in real life, don't know exactly what the other person is going to say, or what's going to happen in the next 5 minutes.

The result? Well, it's a little weird. You have to really throw yourself into the movie as the dialogue and development of characters is not tight or particularly linear. In fact, half the theatre had walked out by half way through, but I'm a stubborn bastard and was interested in seeing how well the concept worked and how things would conclude - basically the big mystery in the movie is that we don't know who the father of the child is, except that it's someone in the room, but we have no idea who was seeing who when. My advice, wait for video and if you fancy sthg different give it a shot, but I'd say it'd be more for experiencing the experiment then for entertainment.

It's quite a short movie, which meant that we were able to sneak into the next theatre and watch the end of Tears of the Sun. Despite the fact that I only caught the last 30 mins I feel like I've seen the entire movie. Basically I got the US soldiers deciding to ignore their orders, help the refugees and then watch the big battle at the end. It's not a million miles away from Black Hawk Down in terms of plot, but is a similar distance in terms of quality.