Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

But it looks so sore!

I am a hypochondriac. But I know I'm a hypchondriac so that means I can't be. Confused? Let me explain: say for example I watch a program about knee surgery where they are repairing the cruciate ligament then I can almost guarantee the next day my knee will hurt. But because I know it's just cos I watched a program all about knees the pain goes away. It's all mind over matter.

It happened again last night. I got injured over a week ago - a got a kick on the shin that hurt like a bitch. During indoor soccer last night I was in goals and save a shot - a very powerful shot - with said shin and it really really hurt. I then stopped a much weaker shot later on in the same place and it still hurt. Whilst talking about it with a team-mate, he casually mentions it might be a hairline fracture. Damn! Exactly what I didn't need to hear. Luckily afterwards I was speaking to Brian and he reassured me that it wouldn't be anything so serious. Otherwise I'm sure I would have got all paranoid and it would have started hurting more. Of course, these things are a lot more worrying when you have absolutely no medical cover!