Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Another first!

Another step closer to full assimilation into Canadian/Quebecois culture was taken yesterday: I went to my first hockey game. My room-mate was playing in a charity match against the CFCF12 Hot Dogs so buoyed by the thought of raffle prizes and charity I went along. In a sense I was a little disappointed, despite their name theere were no hot-dogs to be had anywhere and the CFCF mascot, Jellybean didn't even make an appearance. Why was this a shame? Well, apparently when they played last year, the Hot Dogs used Jellybean as an extra man and he was left unmarked at the blue line. I mean, the guys in a huge foam suit on skates, how dangerous could he be? They found out that Jellybean actually had one hell of a slapshot and scored twice against them. This year Phil had vowed that if Jellybean came on, he was going to lay him out!

The match itself was ok - the problem was that Phil's team had played a match just beforehand and they were all dead. They outshot the Hot Dogs by at least 2 to 1, their goalie had a blinder, and they ended up losing 5-2 (one into an empty net) - after taking the lead in the first period! Still everyone's a winner when it's for charity, and especially when they give away loads of free T-shirts. No, not CFCF12, the Concordia Engineering Association! I ended up giving my raffle prize to Phil as I thought he'd prefer to have a Concordia Engineering and Computer Science long-sleeve T! So although the skill level wasn't too high, and it was pretty slow, at least it gave me a perspective into how good NHL players are. I mean, it doesn't look hard to control the puck on a pass, but when you see it close up it doesn't look that easy! Still, I'm sure the way the Habs are going it won't be long til some of these guys get a call-up!

On an aside, why is it on one of the colder days of the year, I temporarily misplace my hat? Ain't life grand?