Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

This happened to a friend of a friend of mine

No really, it did happen! OK, so he's my friend too, but I heard about it through my room-mate. OK, so J studies at Concordia, I'm not quite sure what he majors in but as part of his course he has been lectured to by a guest-speaker from the Raelians. Not only that, but the lecturer needed a volunteer to go and meet with the head honcho, Rael himself, and so J took the job. So, Sunday morning J goes off to see the dude, Phil (my room-mate) goes to breakfast with his sisters one of whom is going out with J. J turns up at the diner after the meeting and was completely spaced out. Acting very weird, completely blanked Phil and his other sister. When Phil asked him how Rael was he said that "He had a very warm personality." WTF? Then J, without making much sense, said he had to go and left. All of them then met by accident on the road as the others left the diner, J carrying a 12 pack back from the dep. Phil said "Have a nice drinking session" to which J replied, "Yeah, have a nice life." ?!? This is not normal behaviour.

You always wonder how cult leaders manage to persuade people to follow them - and there are always reports of them being very persuasive, exhibiting hypnotic-like effects on listeners. I just hope J's ok.