Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Digging to China

For the past week and a half there have been an average of 2-3 explosions rocking my building here at work. I'm not quite sure what they're building on another part of campus, but it must go down a helluva long way cos I'm sure the amount of dynamite (or whatever the explosive of choice for today's construction worker is, C4?) could have been used to reach the earth's core, the land at the centre of the earth or divert an earthbound meteorite! What's more apart from the first morning, when I thought there was a lorry reversing nearby, there is now little or no warning. This means as one walks down the corridors, there'll be a bang, the earth will shake and a plethora of 'Taber....' can be heard being uttered from various offices. I wonder what it's like being on the metro during a detonation.... not sthg I'm desperate to find out.