Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Would Sir care for some champagne?

Southerners. Can't handle snow. It was pretty much blizzard conditions in London on Wendesday, nearing a white out, and it lasted about an hour or two. Enough for complete chaos and pandmoium. Apparently it's the first serious snowfall in London since 94... and they was only an inch or 2!!! Anyway, the effects of the snow were many and varied, the initial effetc on me was to delay my bus to Oxford by over 90mins! Still, I met/was trapped by a group of Texans on some sort of university trip to get extra credits. I managed to find out all about sororities as this one girl was trying ever so hard to defend them and failing so badly - she was really proud cos she got some frat boys letters cos she kissed him. Not so bad I hear you say. Kissed him for half an hour. Oh. When she was unable to stand up cos she was so drunk. She did admit that there were nasty sororities... check out here for a whistle blowers account.

The other major effect the snow had was to screw up Heathrow completely. I arrived there about 2.5 hours before my flight and the terminal was chaos. THEN there was a fire alarm and they had to evacuate the terminal. Take note: a modern day human's fear of fire is less than their fear of losing their place in line! Then, as I was queuing for my check-in, they passed round a leaflet saying the flight was overbooked cos they'd cancelled yesterday's, and would anyone be interested in taking the following day's flight and getting 250 quid or 400 quid worth of flight vouchers plus accom and meals provided. I decided against it as I was quite looking forward to coming back to Montreal, and I had a suspicion which turned out to be true. By the time I got to check-in, the only seats available were in First Class. Shucks! Guess they just had to upgrade me then!

So I was in one of those funky Club World seats on British Airways, "the world's first fully-flat reclinable airline seats" and they were pretty comfortable. There was also a helluva lot more privacy, you couldn't see the person next to you! This actually made it a little dull as there was no idle banter. I guess the service was better... although the quality of the food wasn't that much better than economy (for BA anyway). It was just better presented. And their red wine was cold. But overall, I didn't actually think it was worth the 3-4 times more expensive ticket that it usually costs. Then again, maybe it's just cos I don't mind travelling economy.

I'm trying to adjust to Montreal now. I'm jet-lagged so was wake at 6. Add to this the fact that whilst trying to change the time on my watch, the small dial/screw that you use fell off anf got lost, so currently my watch is about 3.5 hours wrong. Then I went to go to work, but my mind thought it was a Monday, so I tried to buy and use a Hebdo card at the metro! Then after that my tickets didn't work. It was all very confusing. Hopefully things will get better.

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