Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Snow place like home

Heeee! A fun and busy weekend (kinda) upon my return to Montreal. Friday meant work, which hasn't miraculously improved over winter break! Went to Brutopia in the evening and met up with LSC and JDave. It was good to catch up, despite my jet lag. We thought about going for a movie, but we were too late for everything so while JDave went to meet friends LSC and I went back and watched Chasing Amy at her place. I'd never seen it, and it was pretty good. I had, however, seen Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back beforehand, and it makes so much more sense now. I've also not seen Clerks and only caught the end of Mallrats. Perhaps I should download them...

It was just after midnight when the film finished and I was practically asleep by then, so I dragged myself to the metro. As mentioned on Friday's post, i only had out-of-date metro tickets, and the metro entrance near LSC's has no booth so I couldn't get in. Rather than wandering around looking for another entrance I just jumped in a taxi and got myself home where I could crawl into my lovely warm bed.

SAturday I was offered the oppurtunity to go and spend the weekend at a friend's place near Mt Tremblant. I accepted cos I thought it'd be a good laugh - my only concern was the fact that I don't really own any winter gear - I'm fine for in the city but in the countryside - I have no big boots, no snow pants, no incredilbly-warm jacket, no skates and so on. Thankfully, this didn't matter as we arrived late and I took an early ride back.

There were about 20 of us I guess in a pretty small cottage/cabin/bothy which was complete with open log fire. The party started going at around 6ish I guess (sounds a bit like New Year) but was def more sedate. This is probably a sign of getting old, but 4 hrs later there were a group of people playing cards whilst me and 4 others were involved in a game of Scrabble whilst 3 others jammed away on the guitars. It was pretty cool that it was so laid back. Thing was, everyone then was feeling tired but htings livened up a bit when we decided to play Beer Pong.

The game was new to me - there are two teams who take in turns to throw a ping-pong ball into a cup, half-filled with beer. If it goes in, the opponent has to drink it and the cup is then removed from the game. The first team to clear their opponent's end of cups wins, and the losers have to drink the remaining cups from the winners team. It's kind of a win-win situation really. Sort of. After that a bunch of people went out sledding/sledging and the inevitable snowball fight happened. What wasn't quite so inevitable was Dave being thrown into a tree and having ahuse lump on his head. thankfully there was no shortage of ice for him to put on it!

After being tortured by Saturday Night Live a.k.a. How to Kill a Good Joke by Making it Last and Eternity - I crashed on one of the beds. A good tactical decision as there were more people than beds and so a good night's sleep was definitely not had by all! Got up early to get a ride back because, as mentioned before, I wasn't really equipped for much activity. After missing a few turn-offs we eventually got everyone back to where the needed to be and I went and got breakfast with a few friends. The afternoon was spent in a sort of haze, watching the playoffs on TV and trying to avoid going back to bed. I eventually crashed out at 10ish and slept like a log until half 6. It's a schedule that is actually really good - awke in the mornings, and let's fact ie, there's not much to do in the apartment at 11pm.