Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Round is a shape

And so it begins. The quest to slowly try and remove my winter coat of excess fat which was heavily accentuated by eating good food, drinking beer and watching lots of TV over the Christmas break. I say slowly cos it's so goddamn cold her right now that I would probably rather stay warm! I played soccer for the first time since mid-December - almost a month of inactivity had passed and it showed. I was lucky really, playing out at Lachine at the Soccerplex requires I play defence which means I don't have to run around half as much (it's all about positioning and reading the game y'see). However, I was noticeably less able to do my barnstorming runs from central defence through midfield into attack and get back in time to defend their counter! Actually, what I noticed most was that my timing was off and my feet seemed slow. Sidesteps and shimmies that usually leave people for dead (ahem) were being foiled by legs snaking in from behind because my legs just weren't moving fast enough. I play again tonight in what is paradoxically more relaxed but more tiring game - I play a more active role in this one y'see.