Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Reliving my student days

"McGill's having a 4 floors tonight"

"What's that?"

"It's a big party in the Shatner building held, surprisingly, on 4 floors. You wanna come?"

"Yeah, why not?"

And so my fate was sealed. In a way I was lucky. I don't recommend this tactic every Friday, but I think that having the first pint at 5:30 may have saved me. Saved me from too great a rush of alcohol later on completely overwhelming my liver, as it was already up to speed. Two other great lessons were learned on Friday, it's who you know, and lines are a waste of time (aka Canadians are too polite).

I arrived at 4 floors with Phil, Jen, Kristin and Jerome - handy cos Jerome knew EVEYRONE, and thus we swept in the door ignoring the lines and need for tickets. Then, confronted by a 50 strong coatcheck line, we walked straight to the front where Jerome knew someone and joined the line there. No-one batted an eye. Then upstairs Jerome gets everyone drinks from the bar (it was one of those buy tickets, and then exchange them for prepoured beer in plastic cups things. classy!) before we hit the dance floor.

We're there 5 minutes when some guy creeps pover and starts drooling over Kristin and Jen. K does well, and tells him where to go but J keeps talking (Why do girls not realise that you can't be nice in that situation), so then Phil gets involved and then K decides to grab the guy and push him away with her hand at his throat. After 30 seconds of intense negociation, the situation was defused with no claret being spilt.

I was highly amused to discover that the Shatner of the Shatner building was indeed William Shatner of James Tiberius Kirk fame! Apparently the students held a referendum to decide who the building should be named after (he studied at McGill it turns out)!

After that the night was pretty much spent alternating between drinking and dancing like idiots on the 80s floor. There were even a couple of breakdancers who tried to battle! Just before the end, me and Joel and Rachel go and smoke up in the Union Offices - a classic rebellious maneouvre! Then I had to get my jacket cos everyone was waiting for us - unfortunately the queue to get jackets out was now twice as long as when we arrived. never mind, I just walked straight to the front of the line and handed across my ticket within 30 seconds. Again, no-one even said anything!

Think I finally got to bed at around 4, after having stopped for hangover-preventing pizza at Al Taib. Even met out neighbour there!

Next morning everything was hunky-dory - however, I decided not to go the anti-war protest as it was a little too cold out there for my liking! Such a lame excuse I know! Did nothing much for the rest of the day - watched the Habs lose in OT to the Leafs but at least they decided to play for a change. Now if they could only master clearing the puck out of their own zone...

Sunday I continued my drive towards athleticism by playing Loic at badminton. Took me a while to readjust my radar and my timing and after dropping the first 2 sets, won the final three. Then home, shower and football basically accounted for the rest of the day. Woke up today feeling like crap - think I'm still dehyrated.