Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

The pain! The inhumanity! The whining!

Today I hurt. Yesterday wasn't so bad - a couple of bruises on my shin and a peach on my right quad that was just short of being a dead leg. Now though, everything hurts. And I warmed up and warmed down! I picked up another bruise on the other side of my right leg thanks to a body check from Nancy - this now means that this bruise hurts going down stairs and the other side going up stairs. Did I mention I live on the third floor and take the metro?

My back hurts when I move my shoulders, the muscles round my ribs (who'd have thought there are muscles there?) are tender to the touch and it hurts my stomach when I laugh. All in all, it probably wasn't the best idea to watch "The Jerk" with Steve Martin last night when I got back! Having a desk job means that all my muscles stiffen up whilst I tap away at the keyboard, making every trip to the printer take in epic proportions.

As I was hobbling to my bed last night, I said to Phil "I hurt everywhere."
He laughed and said "Feels great, doesn't it?"
I thought for a moment, "Yes."