Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

I can add a few more names to the list now!

Went to a party on Friday night. It was pretty cool, it was with folk whom I hadn't seen for about 6-10months. I think I got there at about 11pm and everyone was well on their way! It was cosy, a small little apartment on Ontario, and the number of people fluctuated around a fairly constant 20. One of the side-effects of not having seen these people for a long time and them having trouble forming sentences, meant that throughout the course of the evening I was refererred to as Paul (unsurprising really), Ian, Rob and Will! In fact Rob and Will both came from the same guy! I guessif I were vain I could be insulted, but *shrug* it don't matter none.

It was weird though I was sitting there on the couch when Suzanne and Sarah decide to go for food and ask if anyone wants anything. Then someone asks if the place will be open. Why, what time is it? 4:40! Twenty to 5!!! Wow! I guess I should be heading home. At this point there were about 6 of us left, one of whom was asleep! I hadn't even noticed the time going! So, I went out got some poutine with S and S and then jumped in a taxi. Got to my bed at 5h30! Guess what? Couldn't sleep!

Eventually did fall asleep but woke up about 5 hours later and guess what? Couldn't get back to sleep! My brain was in one of those overdrive modes where I had thoughts buzzing round and round my head. So, anyway, got up felt crappy most of the day and then went round to Jane and Dave's to watch Buffy, play some Vice City and generally chill out. As well as see and play with Daisy!

Yesterday was the Superbowl and it was a bit of an anti-climax. Way too one-sided.

Amazingly my entire week is almost completely booked up... birthdays galore at the moment. Keep me busy anyway.