Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Dear Paramount...

It's like you were 8 again and you're having arguments over whether Spiderman would beat Superman in a fight or who was the best member of the A-team (interestingly I always went for Face, i wonder if that suggests any long term psychological problems). And then you try and create the ultimate superhero... I want Spider Sense, Laser Eyes, a cool car and so on by combining your favourite bits. It is thus conceivable that if someone asked me to create a film I would ask for two things: Kung-Fu and Soccer. And guess what? Those lovable crazy Chinese have already done it with the magnificent: Shaolin Soccer. In a nutshell, kung-fu monks play soccer against various teams before the big showdown against the genetically enhanced super team. .

I downloaded it off of Kazaa which was unfortunate because it meant it was in CHinese. But as may be guessed this isn't really crucial to the enjoyment of the film. Basically Phil and I just skipped until the soccer matches and watched the action unfold. Trust me, it rocks! Now, I just need to find an English version.... (apparently it is to be re-edited, dubbed and re-released, but is supposedly much the worse for it)