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Bush Bashing

I, like so many of my readers (feels weird to think that I have readers), was completely blown away by "Bowling for Columbine" by Michael Moore. So, whilst at home I picked up a copy of his book: Stupid White Men, which I'm currently reading. Which, incidentally the publishers initially refused to print as it was just after 9-11 and is scathing on its criticisms of Bush.

I'm reading it and I don't really like it. There are 2 reasons for this; one is that Michael Moore's style is infinitely better lended towards film-making. In the book he comes across almost arrogant and superior as he knows sthg you don't know. However, this is tied in with the second reason: I don't want to like the book, I don't want to believe that it's true, I don't want to have my cosy little world shaken upside the head with the truth! In short, I'm in denial.

I used to think of my self as well-read and well-informed, and quite a healthy cynic, but I realised that everything that I was reading and being informed by is, in fact, just spoon-feeding me false information and healthy a cynic as I am, I'm drowning in it. For example, deep down, I knew that the whole Iraq thing is a scam and that every bomb will have sponsored by Exxon stamped on it. But I wanted to believe good ole Tony Blair that there was evidence of nuclear bombs so I chose to. Shamefully, here was another part of me was like, yeah, war is cool - makes good TV! Saddam has to go for the sake of the Iraqi people, but is this the best way to do it?

Anyway, don't want a whole anti-war debate thing here, reading the book I checked out the website and was reading the transcript from the Donahue show that MM had done. In brief it's a summary of the film with MM himself talking about it. Reading it, I was amazed how quickly I had forgotten everything (or maybe chosen to ignore).

The question is, am I going to do anything about it? It's pretty hard for me to change what happens in the US but one of the over-riding themes in his book is that everyone needs to believe that they can make a difference. So maybe, just maybe, I might get involved in politics when I go back to the UK. Perhaps.

I'll write more about the book later - most of it is as expected but there was a total curveball that I'd never thougt about. When we separate our recyclables, are they actually receycled or do they just end up in a landfill - that's right, it's not uncommon for dumping to happen. What I would really like to do is lend this book to every single one of my friends - or you could just go out and buy it for yourself. Do.

And for everyone in the UK, bust your balls trying to see "Bowling for Columbine" - it may not be easy to find, but it's worth it.