Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Wheeeeeeeee..... *THUD*

Oh boy. I'd forgotten what I used to do when I was single and living with Phil. Friday wasn't too extreme I guess. Went round to Dave's to play GTA - Vice City which rocks! It is just sooo amazingly good. Even though we were crap. And stoned. There really is nothing better than beating someone to a bloody pulp with a police baton whilst they're on the ground - ok, maybe you had to be there. There's that or chasing after a Japanese touist who keeps apologising for getting his face in the way of your fist. OK, yes, it's a violent game. But it's cartoon violence so that makes it ok. Right?

That pretty much nailed me for all of Saturday and yet I still managed to go Xmas shopping. I'd forgotten my rather unusual talent of waking up early and not falling back to sleep even if I'd only gotten in at 3am the night before. So I walked down St Denis for effectively the first time and picked up my brother's present. One thing I did notice, ST Denis is very pretty and picturesque until Sherbrooke and then the whole area smells like stale beer and urine and then as you reach Berri-UQAM metro the place reeks of reefer.

I also picked myself up a present - although officially it was for Phil: another electronic dartboard. The problem with the last one was that we ran out of the plastic tips and this board was on sale so I thought "why not?" So played a little darts, a little Championship Manager (which is still nigh-on impossible). Phil had some friends up from New York and they'd gone to see Tiesto at Aria on Friday night. The two girls came over at around 6ish and this is where the trouble began. The three guys joined us and two cases of beer and a few Js later the 3 guys went home to crash out and the rest of us + Leewai went to Brutopia. By this time it was about half-12 but felt about half-3, we were all so zoned! In the end we left at about 1am an suantered on home - I stopped for some hangover-prevention in the form of Al-Taib pizza, and stumbled into my bed. Surprisingly, I woke up feeling quite refreshed and proceeded to waste away the entire day playing darts (my tendom in my arm hurts so much now) and Civ3.

So now I'm faced with my last week of work, which is just going to be a big countdown until my plane on Sunday. There's a bunch of stuff I need to sort out before I leave, so hopefully I'll find time, or rather, find the energy to not be so lazy!