Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

And so life goes on...

Tried to go to Fats last night to play some pool but ALL the tables were taken! The frist time I have EVER seen that happen. Apparently ladies night is proving to be quite a hit because it appeared to be wall to wall skirt, though it was hard to make out through the thick smoky blue air! So instead we went to Jillians at the AMC which is more expensive (slightly) but not as glitzly as Sharx. The tables are much nicer at J's - the cloth is much faster which doesn't help when the table also has a roll on it. So after losing the first 4 games (although i scratched one of them) I came storming back and for the first time ever, I did an 8-ball clear-up! Pretty slick huh? AND it was my first visit to the table. Brian had made it easier by sinking 4 of his balls after the break, but I've never been able to put together as long a sequence as that.

In other news, I was relieved to hear that the transport union responsible for airport workers has deciede to call off its planned strike for the day I was due to arrive in the country. That would have just sucked if I'd had to wait in Heathrow after an 8 hour flight with 5 hours of jet lag! I had to do it once before when my plane was delayed and I missed my connection from Heathrow to Glasgow. I had to be put on stand-by for the next flight which meant waiting round for another 2-3 hours. I remember going and grabbing a coffee but having not slept I was unable to read my book as my hands were shaking.