Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

and on...

Finally, news about my Visa! They have approved my job, which just means that I need to talk to Immigration! Of course, this is far simpler than it sounds - the two departments: Human Resources and Immigration are incredibly closely linked as both must be consulted regarding employment so you'd think they'd be a culture of communication and openness. But no, this is government and that would be too simple. For example, I was called this week by Immigration to inquire about the status of my application with HRC and was told that the last time Imm had talked to HRC, HRC had stated they had yet to receive anything. Cue panic attack! "But my boss faxed across all the reqd information last week!" "Oh? OK, I last spoke to HRC 2 weeks ago and she hadn't heard anything then!" Useless. Could she not have phoned HRC before calling me to inquire about an application that I am not allowed to particpate in by law! S, after HCR told my boss they would approve me, he asked if they had told Immigration. The answer? They were trying but hadn't succeeded! C'mon, is it too much to ask for some collaboration on this? After all, it's the same file (i.e. me) that both people are working on. Is it that hard to keep tabs on each other's progress?

Elsewhere, played soccer last night with only 6 other people! This resulted in a game of 4 on 3 using chairs as goals. Naturally I was in the team of 3 and we got whipped, as we rightly should have done being a man down - think of it as a permanent power play - although we did even the scoring rate towards the end when our skill began to show up more as they tired. But I was an absolute empty shell when I got home. I was so tired that when I sat down in my room I subconsciously curled up into the foetal position on the floor for a bit just to try and regain a little strength!

I felt better after showering and tried out some new shaving oil. Now, I don't know if I used too much (4 instead of 3 drops) or if it was because my skin was already dry and sore after having been out in the cold and then sweated a lot, but oh-my-god that stuff burns! This is before shaving! It's like one of those cold burns though! I don't think I've ever shaved so quick! I was like Macauley Culkin in Home Alone: slap a little on and "Aaaaaaaah!"

So now it's Friday and I have FA idea what to do tonight: Phil has an exam tomorrow so he'll be taking it easy... am actually feeling quite lively though today so maybe I'll just play it by beer!